A clean, elegant website reflects a trustworthy, competent and up to date doctor.

WebInjection provides a website design and publishing service for all health professionals with the unique perspective that only a doctor can provide. We pride ourselves on personal service and attention to detail. We believe that web hosting should be eco-friendly and choose to host our websites with an Australian carbon neutral provider.

Your Website Prescription

  • A unique personalised custom design

  • Coding with a doctor who understands your needs

  • Proof-reading of your content and patient instructions

  • Advice on the best structuring and organisation of your material

Did you know?

What are patients looking for when they search for a health professional online?

They are looking to find out about you. They don’t want to know that you can hire a web designer to make a gimmicky site. A health professional’s medical website is not a personal homepage, nor is it an online blog or business portal. It is the modern day business card that allows new patients to find out about you before they even see you. As doctors ourselves, we understand how much a patient’s impression of their treating professional can affect the therapeutic relationship. You need your online presence to work for you and not against you.

The content of your website should make patients build their trust in your ability as a health professional. In the modern era, it is an extension of your clinical interaction. At WebInjection, that is the focus behind every site we create. As we build your site we ask one simple question. Does this complement your therapeutic relationship with patients? This intangible quality is something no other web design service currently provides

What do health providers look for when they search for other health professionals online?

Health providers don’t have time to navigate around fancy websites with all the latest animations and media. They are there to find information quickly. A well designed website has intuitive categories, easy to find contact information and relevant concise information for referrals and other forms of correspondence. Sadly, many existing health professional websites are cluttered and confusing. Put simply, they’re not doing their job.

Our websites look great on all the devices that people may be using to find you such as desktops, mobiles and tablets. Your patients and colleagues will always be able to find the information they need.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Unlimited Content Updates

Search Engine Friendly

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Slideshows and Animated Effects

Slideshows & Animated Effects

Online Contact Form with Auto-Reply

Online Contact Form with Auto Reply

Mobile and Tablet Optimised

Mobile and Tablet Optimised

Embedded Video and Multimedia

Embedded Video and Multimedia

Green Website Hosting

Green Website Hosting

Full Practice Website

  •   Everything you need for patients and colleagues to experience your complete presence on the internet
  •   UNLIMITED number of pages - no arbitrary cut off
Design Fee

  • Responsive website design with mobile friendly technology
  • Animation using jquery and CSS3 that works across all platforms
  • Google™ maps integration of clinic locations
  • Online contact form with security question technology, auto-reply and form validation php scripting
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Link Integration with other medical software as required e.g. online bookings
  • Embedded links to your multimedia e.g. YouTube, Vimeo
  • Legal use of WebInjection's substantial library of stock images
  • Photoshop ® retouching and optimisation of your provided images
  • Custom favicon
  • Search engine friendly coding including meta descriptions, title information, sitemaps
  • Registration of website with Google
  • Setting up of Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics for visitor traffic data
  • Custom 404 - File not found page

Annual Maintenance Fee

  • Unlimited content changes
  • Web hosting on an Australian carbon neutral server
  • SSL certificates installed and automatically renewed
  • Add new pages, remove old pages, move and re-name menu items as your practice grows and evolves
  • We can also help you register a domain name if you don't already have one

WebInjection acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land and waters in which we live and work. We uphold their definition of health as not just the physical wellbeing of an individual but also the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of the whole community.

November - December 2023
New client positions have been FILLED. Next intake will be in January - February 2024.

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