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We have had websites on the Internet since the Wild West days of names like GeoCities, Netscape and AOL.

WebInjection has been a formally registered business entity since January 2010.

It is flattering to see new start-ups copy our medical website branding and tag lines. Our product is obviously something that's of value.

If you want to work with the real deal, contact Joy and not the counterfeits.

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WebInjection acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land and waters in which all Australians live. We uphold their definition of health as not just the physical wellbeing of an individual but also the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of the whole community in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being, thereby bringing about the total wellbeing of their community.

The WebInjection gallery page has so many examples of live websites that it takes a few seconds to load. Please be patient, there are some amazing websites for you to view!


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